Hi, My Name is David aka Shiranui

I have been playing Brave Frontier for a total of 5 years and I'm a former member of the Guild, Conyskip. As of now, I am retired from the Competitive scene and on a break from being heavily involved Brave Frontier.

I started Brave Frontier from almost the very beginning of it's life. I saw this in the Apple App Store during the summer break of my senior year in high school. I played on and off for a bit during my early days, took a 1 year hiatus, and returned back during the 7 star era. Even though, I don't play as serious as I once did, I still enjoy the game enough to play more.

As a veteran, you learned a lot about the game, and I wanted to share that knowledge to help new players and returning players. I started out with writing the Beginner's Guide for 2019, formerly featured on the Brave Network, and it became a very well used and referenced tool. However, I wanted to do more.


During the early stages of the Compendium, I planned for it to be just an evolving google doc but I found too many limitations for what I want to accomplish. This is where the website idea came to fruition. The Brave Compendium website is truly fulfilling the vision I had during the drafting of the idea of a Brave Frontier Compendium. 

Beyond Brave Frontier, I do play other games and have other hobbies. In terms of other Gacha games, I am currently investing most of my time in Epic 7 and Last Cloudia. Beyond gacha games, I play a lot of table top games and card games like Settlers of Catan, Monopoly and Magic The Gathering.

I also have an active life beyond gaming. I am very into health, fitness and baking.

In terms of fitness, I basically do 2 workouts a day. The morning is my boxing/kickboxing class and then I follow up with a strength workout after that. I was able to lose about 20 pounds that I carried since college. Diet wise, I have been focusing on adding more plant based foods while reducing my intake on dairy and red meats. Learning how to make the right switches and cooking it myself has really helped me adapt to a more healthier lifestyle.

I also love to bake when I have the time. I surprisingly have a knack for vegan desserts. I have a co-worker who is vegan and usually he can't eat anything that my company offers during events because the food is never fully vegan friendly. So, I decided to make vegan desserts so that he feels included. Vegan is not the only thing I make. I love baking in general and making all kinds of amazing desserts.

Anyways, this is me. I continue to appreciate the support for the website and I hope to continue delivering the quality information that I hope everyone enjoys.