Arena is one of the game’s PVP mode. You assemble a team of five units and go against other players. However, you do not have full control of your units. Your units will act on their own. As long as you fully raise your units, they should be able to do fine in Arena.

Arena has many ranks and each one has a reward ranging from spheres to gems.


To progress in ranks you need to win battles. Every time you beat an opponent, you get Arena Battle Points (ABP). Once you reached a certain amount of ABP, you rank up.


Once you hit max rank (Thanatos), you will be able to get the rewards again but won’t lose your title of Thanatos.


You have 3 Arena orbs to use. An orb comes back every hour. Every month we have ABP events where you can earn 4x the points. Be sure to also use an ABP boost lead to further increase your point gain. Please refer to the list above of the units you should be using for your lead. Your sub units don't matter that much.