Dual Brave Burst and Bonding

Bonding and Dual Brave Burst is a new mechanic that was inspired by Brave Frontier 2’s XBB, or Cross BB, where units that have connection within the lore of Brave Frontier can unleash a special attack.

For Brave Frontier GL, this mechanic was adapted to become Bonding and Dual Brave Burst. Certain units can be bonded and when they bond they can use a Dual Brave Burst. The attack is basically a combination of the unit’s UBBs. So how does it work?


In order to bond, you need the correct units and they need to be omni and be maxed. When you have the right units raised, you can bond them by using golems. You will need the right element golem for the respective units that you want to bond. You also need to have a golem fused into both units in order to bond the two. Once you fused the golems to each unit. Go to the unit page and tap the empty square and then tap Bond on the unit able to be bonded. Now you have a bond and DBB active. 

In battle, you have a meter at the bottom that has 10 crystals. These are Synergy Crystals. In order to use a DBB you need to charge this meter as you would a UBB. The ways to get Synergy Crystals are the following: 

  1. UBB used (max of 1 crystal per turn)

  2. Every turn passed when the bonded unit is in overdrive

  3. Every 5 turns

Once you have enough crystals, the meter will glow. This means a DBB and Synergy can be used. Tap the meter then swipe up on the unit that can perform a DBB and their respective Synergy. 

What is Synergy? 

Synergy is another aspect of a Dual Brave Burst. It is a bonus effect that gets activated when a DBB is activated at the same time. The effects ranges from buffing the team's max HP, doing more damage, or resistance to effects like Buff Removal. Synergies are determined by the elemental combination of the bonded units. The list of Synergies are at the bottom of this page.

DBBs and Synergies can get stronger and more efficient by leveling up the bonds. Golems are the key for this. DBB level starts at 1 and the Max is 10. At this time, all bonds can go to level 6.

The benefits of boosting a bond are the following:

  1. The unit can have access to their partner's BB (Lv1) and SBB (Lv4)

  2. Synergy crystal cost reduction

  3. DBB buff duration increase

  4. Synergy Effectiveness increases

In order to enhance a bond, go the unit page of the unit that has a bond. Tap on the picture of the bonded unit, then you will see an option to "Boost Bond". You will then see the required materials needed to boost the bond. You might need Golems called Greater Golems. You can get Greater Golems by evolving Golems. After meeting requirements, you can boost the bond by 1 level.

When considering the value of a unit's DBB, you have to consider the synergy first. This is going to get activated alongside your DBB so you need to determine if the synergy is worth using. The second part is looking at the DBB itself and seeing if the buffs are useful to you. DBBs are a combination of the two units' UBBs so sometimes it is a good mashup, sometimes it is not.

My personal favorite synergies are Nova, Cyclone, and Tempest.


If you are tight on resources then be picky about the DBBs and Synergies you want to focus on. Remember that DBB is just 2 UBBs put together. If you are able to use the 2 UBBs separately, then you won't need to rush that DBB. Synergies are usually situational and you may not need the synergy at all. Assess the content you are doing and see if you need a DBB and/or Synergy to make it easier for you.

For a full list of the Units able to be Bonded and a List of the Synergies, Please Click Here!