Buffs are what supports and makes your team stronger in all aspects. There are many buffs that are in the game and you don’t need all of them to do well. There are certain buffs that you will need regardless of the team composition.


Here is the list of some of the many buffs in Brave Frontier. The ones below are popular to use.


  1. Mitigation - This will reduce the damage you take by 1/2 and this is important mid game and forward.

  2. Atk, Def, Rec Up - Important to buff to your damage and survivability

  3. Boost BB gauge when damage taken and BB gauge on Spark - important to keep your gauges full 

  4. Status Ailment Cleanse - Gets rid of status ailments like poison and etc.

  5. Healing (Burst Heal, greatly restores HP. Heal over Time, Restores HP over # of turns)

  6. BB atk up - Boost Damage of your BB, SBB, and UBB

  7. Spark Damage up - Boost Spark damage

  8. Critical Damage/Hit Rate up - Boost Critical damage and frequency of critical hits

  9. Elemental Weakness Damage - Boost the power of Elemental damage against the weaker element enemy. Early game this is important but this becomes essential late game.

When summoning units you should always look out for these buffs. Of course there are other buffs but you may not need them. Once you have units that have these core buffs you can always look out of extra if those units fit in. Here is the list of other buffs to consider to pick up.


  1. Add All Elements to Attacks - Useful if you have a mixed squad of elements and want them all to do extra damage. This is good for early to mid game but doesn’t matter for late game due to the Mono Element meta. KEY: This buff helps units ignore Elemental Negate.

  2. Stat Conversions (Atk to Def and etc) - Basically extra stats converted by a percentage from the source stat to target stat. There are pretty good to have to provide an extra layer of whatever stats you want. 

  3. Critical, Elemental Damage Negate - These Negates allow you to nullify the bonus damage you will take from critical damage and EWD. Critical Negate is pretty universal and very good while Elemental Negate gets counted by Add all elements or variations of this buff. It is still useful but consider what bosses or etc utilizes additional elements. Keep in mind also that EWD negate is not useful at all for late game because of the mono element meta.

  4. Spark Damage Reduction/Negate - Very uncommon and mainly used for FG and FR since you see multiple enemies

  5. Status Ailment Negate - Helpful, but if you are dealing with Buff Wipe attacks, make sure you have Cleanse.

  6. Barrier - Another layer of HP basically, useful but not always important.

  7. BB gauge Boost or Boost over time - These are good to support the BB on Spark and damage taken buffs

  8. Boost Drop rates of BC, HC, items, and etc - Mainly farming and sometimes this does force you to rely on BC drops more.

  9. Status Ailments infliction - Good to cripple certain enemies who are vulnerable but most bosses and etc have immunity. The status ailments range from poison to curse to blind.

  10. DOT Mitigation - DOT is also called Damage Over Time. This is not poison damage. The damage is based on a certain percentage of damage that will be dealt to you at the end of your turn. DOT mitigation or miti, reduce the percentage so you take less damage.

  11. Shield - This is not like barrier. Shields only block damage from Normal Attacks and DOT.

  12. Element Specific Spark and Critical Hit rate/Damage up - This is basically another layer of spark up and critical hit rate/damage up for a specific element. This is useful when you want to cap critical damage or continue to raise your Spark damage.


There are of course more buffs but these are just a few of the many that you would want to consider when summoning for your squads. 

Buff Stacking

Now it’s time to learn how to use the buffs and how they interact with each other and this is important because you do not want to accidentally lower your own damage and survivability.


Whenever you use buffs in Brave Frontier, you need to know how to stack them properly. Buffs in Brave Frontier do not stack if they are the same type from the same source. An example would be "ATK Up". If you have 2 units with "ATK up", only the last one use will be active, the other will be overwritten. 


Here is a Simple scenario of buff stacking


Unit A with 150% to Atk

Unit B with 100% to Atk


If A goes first and B goes last, the active buff will be the 100% ATK up

If B goes first and A goes last, the active buff will be the 150% ATK up


It is also important to know that same buff don’t stack unless it is from a different source. Here are some examples:


Leader Skill and BB/SBB Buffs will stack

2 units with the same buff on both BB/SBB will not stack

Spheres and BB/SBB buffs will stack

UBB buffs with stack with BB/SBB buffs

Extra Skill will stack with BB/SBB/UBB Buffs

The same Leader Skill from both your lead and friend will stack.

Conditional Buffs from Leader Skills don't stack.

Conversion buffs that targets the same stat won't stack


As you can see, buffs and effects do stack if they are from different sources. Knowing this will allow you to better optimize your attacking patterns and damage. You can easily lose out on damage and survivability if you don’t stack properly.


If you would like more details, Please Read Luc's Intermediate Guide to Brave Frontier: Click Here!