Elgifs & Emgifs

Elgifs and Emgifs are additional valuable tools for your units. They help manage additional extra skills that you can give and take away from your units.

Imbued Tablet Elgif

These furry little guys add Extra skills to your units via fusion. The effects are varied and some elgifs are better than others. The Elgif families I will list below are those I recommend fusing into your units. 

  • Alternos (Ingis, Algor, Terra, Fulgur, Lux, Umbra) Lv. 1 - 3

  • Brave X (Combustion, Aquarius, Assault, Ferocity, Fairy, Shadow) Lv. 1 - 2

  • Event Exclusives (Notable: Raise, Re-Raise, Beach Spike, Wondrous Aegis)

If you don't have Elgifs like the ones I mentioned, don't worry about it. Put on whatever you can and when you do get them, you can always replace them or overwrite them. 

If you need the Full List of Elgifs in the Game, Click Here!

Void Tablet Emgif

These furry little guys remove the Elgif Extra skills from your units. If you don't like a certain extra skill on your units and need to remove it or you want to save a certain elgif, Do so with an Emgif.

After you fuse the unit with an Emgif, the added extra skill is removed and placed into your present box for you to claim again. You have a supply of Emgifs from the Merit Shop and they cost 5000 point each. You can also get Emgifs from other places like Colosseum loop reward stages and login events.

TIP: The Best Place to Farm the Elgifs I mentioned is Omni Arcanium. 

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