Frontier Hunter

Frontier Hunter is a monthly event where players are basically doing a Damage Score competition. However, it is not really a competition considering that you don’t really lose anything from not scoring to the top of the rankings.


Frontier Hunter is where you try your best to rank high by doing the most damage which means more points. While doing that you get rewards by scoring enough in each level in Frontier Hunter. The levels are Entrance, Middle, End, and Terminus. The biggest reward is getting 11 gems total.


When the event is over you get a certain number of Hunter ranks based on how well you scored and ranked.

***Note: that your rank can always go up by continuously doing Frontier Hunter.***

You also get additional rewards based on your individual Hunter Rank. A key thing to know is that you never lose Hunter Ranks. You always increase in Hunter Ranks. So you can always get more rewards until you hit the Frontier Hunter Rank Cap which is 200. The max amount of ranks you can get per season is 11, 8 from being in the top 100, 2 from getting certain point requirements in the levels Frontier End and Terminus, the last rank is from ending in a rank in the same numbers. For example, 11, 22, 33, 444, etc. 

What to Bring to Frontier Hunter

Buffs to Bring In:

  • Elemental Weakness Damage Up

  • Spark Damage Up

  • Critical Damage Up

  • Recast

  • Extra Action

What Kind of Units to Bring in?

  • A Damage Focused Lead

  • Nuker - Triple Strikers (Ideal)

  • Recaster

  • Extra Action

Strategies for Frontier Hunter

Full Auto - This is just the lazy way, just tap auto and leave. However you might not get all the stage rewards if your units don’t do enough damage.

Guard Frontier Hunter - This method involves using UBB every battle. To do Guard Frontier Hunter you need a unit with a Brave Burst or Super Brave Burst that is non attacking and doesn’t inflict status ailments.  You have this unit fill just spam their Brave Burst or Super Brave Burst while your other units guard until your OD gauge is full. Then you can use UBB the next turn and let that charge up and then fire your UBB with your unit’s SBB. It sounds simple to do but you have to keep in mind of these key questions.

  • How do you fill the unit’s UBB gauge before overdrive mode runs out? (3 turns)

  • How to fill the other units’ gauges?

  • How to avoid status ailments?

When doing Guard Frontier Hunter, you have to think about these questions because these will determine whether or not you can do Guard Frontier Hunter. To answer the first question and the second question, you need someone with bb fill ideally. Examples are Fina, Allanon, Dizzy, and Lily Matah. These units can be known as the BB Fillers.  If they have OD boost on their non attacking BB or SBB, then this is a huge plus.


To answer the last question, you should have someone with Status cleanse or Negate or both. This is to ensure your gauges are not disturbed by curse because curse won’t allow you to get your gauges filled. You can use the status cleansing item that Frontier Hunter Provides but that may not be enough if you are consistently hit with status ailments. You can use Status Null spheres but this will cut your damage due to not using more damage oriented spheres. Keep in mind of your spheres and elgifs that may help you do guard frontier hunter more efficiently.

Click Here for a Video Example as well as a Squad example.

TimLo - This is a very advanced method to do Frontier Hunter. The name of the method originated from the player of the same ign who popularize the method. Basically what you are doing is combining the effects of Recast and Extra Action. Recast allows a unit to do their BB/SBB/UBB twice at a chance. Extra Action allows your units to do 1 more action before ending their turn. Combining these two allows a squad to activate 2 UBBs when performed correctly. This method involves learning about frames and animations of certain units because you have to keep the wave alive in order to make sure you can pull off 2 UBBs for an incredible amount of points. If you want the full details of the method please check out this video made by Linathan (Click Here). Lina's video also has an example squad.