Guild Raid was one of the first Guild related events that was held on a monthly basis. It was on hiatus due to coding bugs that made the mode unplayable at times. Suddenly, Gumi surprised us with a Casual Match, on a random month, which hints that Guild Raid might be coming back. Guild Raid is one of the quintessential events for Guilds to participate in and so let's dive in and talk about it.

To set up for Guild Raid, you have to do all of your preparations in the Preparation Phase. Setting up including selecting which Guardians will be the main Boss and defending your outposts. Outposts are spots where there is a camp and if you own that spot, you get a buff for your team. If the enemy has the outpost, they place a debuff on you. 


Then, the guild members have to go into 1 of 3 rooms. Each room can hold up to a maximum of 15 people. When you are in a room, you can set up your squads.


Guild Raid is a mode focused on Mono Element squads. So the best way to go about squads is make 1 squad with the element that beats the featured elements of the raid and make the second squad with the same idea. The third slot is usually a back up. Another thing to keep in mind is that there is no friend lead to use. You can only use 5 units. Squad optimization is a must in Guild Raid.


After you set up, you can deploy onto the map and go to one of the three main camps. You remain here until the battle begins.

Once the battle begins, you engage in a day long scoring battle against another guild. Your goal is help your guild beat the opponent by ending the day with a higher score. There are many ways to score in Guild Raid.


The list is as follows:


  1. Defeating the Opponent’s Boss Guardian

  2. Capturing Outposts and getting a buff for all members in your room.

  3. Taking over Opponent’s Outpost and beat their Outpost Guardian

  4. Defeating Elite and Regular Monsters

However, there were some limitations you have to deal with when trying to outscore your opponent.


Here is the list of limitations:


  1. You have a maximum of 70 Action Points (Actions Points are needed to do any action like battling and moving)

  2. Boss Guardians, Outpost Take-backs, Outpost Reset all have timers

  3. Debuffs from Opponent’s Outposts

  4. Bring unable to defeat the currently active Boss Guardian

To address limitation 1, you have to communicate with your guild to maximize all the AP from each player in the Room. Since each Room has 15 players, then the room has a total 1050 AP to use. Note that you do get 1 AP every 7 minutes. To address limitation 2 and 3, your room also has to manage the timers and communicate about when the next boss is coming or when the outpost is ready to take over to get rid of the debuffs. To address limitation 4, you have to have a strong team and strong teammates. 


Guild Raid may be returning to be a regular event. It is a mode that test a guild’s ability to communicate and work with each other due to real world and in-game events.