A Journey Begins

What is Brave Frontier?

Brave Frontier is a JRPG Gacha Mobile Game. The first thing is coming to mind is what is a Gacha game? The quick answer is that a game where in order to progress you will occasionally use money to buy in-game premium currency to summon or obtain items, characters, and etc. Gacha games do have a F2P (Free to Play, spend no money) aspect but your progression will be slower compared to those who do spend money. Another aspect of Gacha games, commonly, is that there is a randomness factor like getting a certain character at a 5% chance if you were to try or "roll".

So Are Gacha Games Gambling Games?

Gacha games are basically gambling games but as with any games that involves gambling, like real life Casinos, always practice responsible spending. Spend within your means and don't ever prioritize spending money in-game. Remember that this is a game after all and you should try to have fun whenever and however you can. Responsible fun is better than reckless fun.

How do I start playing and what am I doing first?

After downloading the game from your app store, you will begin the tutorial and start learning about the game's basic mechanics. 

  • Basic Combat Actions (tap to attack, swipe to use a Brave Burst, swipe down to guard)

  • The Elemental Affinities

  • Item Usage​

  • Summoning

Afterwards, you get to choose your starter unit. For this it is recommend to pick up Lance due to how you will obtain Vargas, Selena and Eze easily later on. You will be given the Summoner's Journal is basically a list of missions to do to get some rewards like gems, fusion materials, and units.

You have completed the first steps as a Summoner, your next steps are within the Introduction Menu tab. Go forth and Explore!