Omni Plus & Paradigm

Omni Plus was introduced in late 2017 and is basically a way to further evolve omnis. It is not a new rarity or form but it does expand the Omni unit in stats and SP. You get 1 omni plus level when you use the correct amount of materials. There are 2 ways to omni plus a unit. There is the shard and duplicate methods.

Shard Method

You need these 2 things: Elementum Tomes and Elemental Shards

These are acquired through various events and in the exchange hall in Randall under “other”. Depending on the unit’s cost, the price will vary. Usually for summon units, the requirements are these:


Omni+1 = 10 tomes + 100 shards (of the respective element of the unit) + Zel & Karma

Omni+2 = 20 times + 200 shards + Zel & Karma

Omni+3 = 50 tomes + 500 shards + Zel & Karma

Duplicate Method

You need the duplicate at Omni rarity and Geminus tomes. The requirements are these:


Omni+1 = 5 tomes + 1 Duplicate

Omni+2 = 10 tomes + 1 Duplicate

Omni+3 = 25 tomes + 1 Duplicate

The benefits of doing omni plus is a higher bonus stats cap, meaning you can fuse more imps into the unit. You also can get more SP. From omni+1 to +3 the sp limit increase goes 5-5-10, so you get a total of 20 more SP. You can also get 10 more SP from fusing 2 Omni Emperors into the unit. Omni Emperors are Omni Frogs evolved. The evolution materials for Omni Frogs to Emperors is 1 Brave Burst Frog, 1 Burst Emperor, 1 Sphere Frog and 3 Amber Butterflies.

Another benefit is the Omni+ Paradigm. The paradigm offers bonus passives to your units in battle if you have enough units with Omni+ and they are the same element. Paradigm goes from level 1 to 3 and here are the requirements.


Paradigm Level 1 = 3 Same Element Omni+1 units

Paradigm Level 2 = 4 same Omni+ units and 3 have to be Omni+2

Paradigm Level 3 = 5 same Omni+ Units and 3 have to be Omni+3

Remember that anything relating to Omni+ requires your units to be Omni and have their Enhancements unlocked! As a beginner do not stress about Omni plus, it doesn’t dramatically change any of your unit’s effectiveness and the price is very costly not only for the required materials but Zel and Karma as well.

Type Bonuses with Omni Plus Paradigm:

As of May 2020, Gumi released Type Bonuses that are squad wide passives that are provided by a Omni+3 unit's Typing. The typing will change the bonus that is give. If you want the chart, click the link here!