A New Year On the Horizons!

Hello Everyone,

I apologize for not writing a weekly post for last week. It is has been quite busy for me in real life and also I did some reflecting for stuff I want to do to close out 2019.

As everyone knows, 2019 is almost over and 2020 is very close. A new decade is coming and that means big changes. Throughout the last month, the Compendium has been doing quite well as well as my other platforms, Youtube and Twitch. The rise of content from original productions like "Is This Unit Good?" and now a consistent streaming schedule has shown that there is a lot of potential for the website and myself as a content creator. In order to plan the new decade/year, I have decided to slow down on a couple of things in order to give myself the energy and time to dedicate to much needed updates for the website and more. Let's go over my plans for 2020!

The Brave Compendium - Plan 2020

The Compendium has been active for 1 month and has seen a great amount of growth. Now, as I approach 2020, I want to do even more to have the compendium be a powerful asset for all Brave Players. So, the website will be undergoing a huge update and I am going to implement a lot of changes and new features. The Update will be include the following:

Brave Compendium Website 2.0.0 Update Notes

  1. Information on all Pages will be Updated and Changed to Accommodate for the current game climate. A lot of new information has surfaced and Brave Frontier has changed quite a bit since the release of the website. So, all pages on the website will undergo an update to best fit the current status of the game. Completion Due Date: 01/01/2020 (Tentative)

  2. Website Information Layouts will be updated (Desktop & Mobile) with more Visual Aids. Throughout the last month, it was observed that the layout of the information on both the desktop version and mobile is not always the best to look at and there should be more visual aids to make the information more streamlined. For the 2.0.0 update, I plan to optimize the information layout along with adding more visual aids to make the information more easy on the eyes for the site's visitors. Completion Due Date: 01/01/2020 (Tentative)

  3. Optimizing the Integration between the Website and Associated Platforms. Due to the advent of my presence on both Twitch and Youtube, I realized that the integration between the platforms are not strong enough. Before 2020 begins and onward, I will be working on having better integration between all 3 of my platforms so that they seem to be more connected and so that if anyone were to go any of my 3 official platforms, they know what is going on from all ends. Completion Due Date: 01/01/2020 (Tentative)

  4. New Projects! I have a lot of new projects in mind for the website and 2020 is going to be the start of many of them. At this moment, I have 2 projects that I will be making headway on. The first being the Unit Catalog Project. This project is going to have full detail analysis of the current available units. Each analysis will be written and reviewed by my verified Committee members. The goal of this project is provide players everything they would need to know about the units they are wondering about. The next project is Grand Quest - Visual Novel Mode. Sometime in 2020, I will be doing Grand Quest Clears and I am going to be reaching out to people who are willing to do voice acting for the cutscenes. This is going be a heavily community involved project but I think this will add a wonderful touch to the Grand Quest Clear videos to actually hear your favorite characters.

This is all for what I have planned for the website for 2020. I am excited to enter the new year with the website ready for it.

Youtube Plan 2020

Youtube has now become something I want to work on. For the past few weeks, it was so much fun creating original content. However, I will need to take a small hiatus from making "Is this Unit Good?" to address the website and etc. But, I will be continuing to make content on Twitch, discussed later. As for plans for 2020, this is what is coming up.

Shiranui's Youtube 2020 Projects

  1. Restart of "Is This Unit Good?". I loved making videos for this series I started but I do need to take a small break to make more content for the website. Starting the new year and whatever unit is released that week, I will restart the series with that unit. My goal is to try to make a "Is this Unit Good?" within the 2 weeks of the banner's release. This is a tight deadline considering I have work (real life) and I need to write, record, and gather the appropriate assets. However, I love making videos for this series and will do my best to stay within the 2 week deadline. Release Date: 01/14/2020 (or Before)

  2. Content Diversity. As much as I like making original content for Brave Frontier, there is so much more to me as a content creator/individual than just Brave Frontier. There will still be a strong focus on Brave Frontier, however I do want to branch out into other IPs and deliver different kinds of content. I have plans to do Let's Plays, Comedic Clip shows (DOTA 2 and League of Legends), and gameplay videos from other games like Epic (7) Seven and Last Cloudia. For now, I am considering a Let's Play to be released sometime around the start of the new year. Fun fact, I used to do Let's Plays but I wasn't the best at it. Thinking about who I am then compared to now, I think I can tackle that realm of content again. This will provide content when there is no "Is This Unit Good?" going on. There is still a lot to consider since this will add onto my current work load so for now, it will remain a consideration, although I am highly considering it because I feel very motivated about it. Release Date: 01/01/2020 ~ 01/14/2020 (Tentative)

Youtube is going to be quite interesting when the year begins. I like what I have planned out and I hope you guys too. Now let's move onto Twitch updates!

Twitch Plan for Now and 2020

Twitch is a brand new world for me. There is so much to explore since I never streamed much before. I am streaming and learning as I go and at times it feel intimating but I see potential.

Shiranui's Twitch Plans for Now and 2020

  1. New Stream Schedule! Effective now, I will be streaming three times a week to compensate for no "Is This Unit Good?" for the rest of December. The schedule will be Wednesday, Saturday, and Sundays. Wednesdays will be "Shira's Thoughts" where I will be going over the new Brave Frontier unit and maybe summon. I will also be explaining recent BNCs and developer's notes in the same stream. Saturdays and Sundays will be "Shira Plays" and this will be dedicated to gameplay of Bf and other IPs like Epic 7 and Last Cloudia.

  2. Graphical Updates. I will be working with my Graphic Designer, Rocketman, to make unique assets for my streams in order to give unique touches to them.

  3. Additional Features. At this time I am still learning twitch and seeing what I can do for content. As I continue to stream more and see what other IPs I introduce to my audience, I want to do stuff like chatting with my audience with voice chat and interact with them more. At this time, these are just ideas because I need to see what I am streaming and seeing how I can incorporate audience interaction based on what I am doing.

Well this is all I have for Twitch for the time being. I know I have more to learn but hopefully I can be a great streamer.

Closing Remarks

2020 is so close and I want to start the year with a bang. I want to see the site, youtube, and twitch grow into something I can proud of. I appreciate my patreon supporters as well as my friends in discord for helping me realize my ambitions and continue to support me. The Elgaia Federation server is growing everyday and I do want it to continue growing into a fun place for players to be in. I will be working close with my mod team to bring more fun features for everyone. Anyways, this is all I have for now, thanks for reading and I will see you all for the next one!