Compendium Launch!

Hello Everyone!

Today marks the first day of the Compendium! This project was a huge undertaking and I am happy that it is finally released to the public. I will make one note that I planned a lot of features but due to my work schedule, it was difficult to get everything ready unless I have to delay the website by additional months. Instead I opted to update the website as I go with the features that I was planning for initial release.

This List is as follows for Features that will be updated at a later point:

1. Trial Clear Videos for 4-8 including the EX Trials and Global Trials X1-4

2. Grand Gaia Chronicles Clear Videos

3. Frontier Gate Clears

4. Strategy Zones Clears

5. Frontier Rift Clears

6. Uprising Vortex Dungeon Clears

7. Battles of Brave Frontier 2 Dungeon Clears

In terms of priority, I will work on the latest content first then going back. Newer content will take priority since it is usually the most recent content players are going to be asking about.

In other news, I also have Youtube Channel and it is going to be where all of the clear videos and etc are going to be uploaded to. I also plan to make original content alongside Compendium content. From my appearance in the recent Two Fools Podcast, I announced 2 series I am planning to do.

1. Is This Unit Good? - A Fun way to learn about New Units

2. Brave Frontier Vlogs (BFV) - Casual or Educational Videos about the Game

I don't have a set day for the releases but it won't be long until the first Is This Unit Good? is going up.

Overall, I am very happy that the Compendium is finally active. It took a while but I am glad to see this website Up and Running!

Any Feedback to the site can be done at the Compendium's Discord Server, The Elgaia Federation.

Support me on Patreon to help me grow the Site and Add Additional Features!

Anyways, Thank you for visiting the Compendium!

Yours Truly,