Getting Back into My Groove

Hello Everyone,

Long time no see. I apologize for like no updates on my blog. I didn't expect the holiday season to keep me busy for like the last weeks of December into January. Work has also been keeping me very busy and often times I come back home very exhausted. Last night, I was so tired that I essentially was knocked out as soon I hit my bed. However, enough with the RL stuff, let's go over some updates regarding the website and other updates!

Website 2.0.0 Upgrade

The Website was upgraded to version 2.0.0 over the course of December into the Holiday season. I am very happy with the turnout. The visual updates helped make the site to be a lot more aesthetically pleasing and easier on the eyes. I also did some moving around for the pages to make it easier to navigate on mobile as well as keeping everything in one bar for the desktop version. In addition to adding more useful information and using BFMT to present it. BFMT has helped the site and I am so happy that it is a thing as it is such a powerful tool for Brave Frontier players and content creators.

Potential Website Updates?

I have a few things planned for the website in the coming weeks. You guys might notice some changes to the website over time. One thing I will be teasing is that the Unit Catalog is going to get changed and will be setting the foundation for the Unit Analysis project I was teasing before. I will be working with my Committee to begin this long awaited project. This means I will be moving the YouTube video links for "Is This Unit Good?" to a different page. I will be working on additional content like a Warmonger's clear as well as pages dedicated to the EU content updates we will be getting shortly.

Youtube and Twitch Updates

I am going to making more "Is This Unit Good?" and my goal is to try to release 1 per week. I have been noticing my editing skills have been improving and I can make video a lot faster than before. I will try my best to stay consistent on making this series.

Twitch wise, I think I will take a break from it. I want to re-evaluate how I do streaming as it is actually pretty tough for me to keep up with it considering my job.

As some of you guys know but for those who don't, my job is a Quality Control Lead Technician. I am basically like a mini-supervisor for the quality team. I basically manage the work flow between myself and my fellow technicians to ensure the main work gets done. I also work with my immediate supervisor, the assembly, and engineering team to ensure overall smooth production from our plant. My work week is 3-4 days of 12 hour shifts Thursday/Friday to Sunday. If I want to stream, I would want to do it on a weekend because most people are free those nights. However, I come back from work very tired so it makes it hard to stream as I do need to be actively interacting. For now, I will be taking a break from Twitch as I noticed my job is taking up a lot of my energy nowadays. I apologize for those who enjoy the streams but now I need to take a break from it. I will update you guys when I will be making my return in the streaming world.

I think this is all I have for updates for this time. I want to try to also do my blog posts every Sunday considering it is the end of my work week and I do not need to wake up early for the next day. Thanks everyone for reading and I will see you all for the next one!