Love is in the Air and so are my Updates!

Hello Everyone,

I know it has been a while. I have been very busy with my job so my weekly blog posts have been more like monthly posts. Life as a group leader can sure keep one very busy. I will try to be more consistent but no hard promises.

Anyways, let's talk about updates regarding the Compendium website and my YouTube channel.

So let's start with the website as I did some updates and I do have some interesting things planned.

One update I did was adding the item and sphere guide written by my 2 committee members CC and Omega. This was actually finished 2 months ago but I didn't have the time prior to fully check it out and put it on the site. Now I managed to do just that and it is under Additional Resources.

Another update I did was to the following pages: Trials, Grand Gaia Chronicles, Strategy Zones, Frontier Gates, Grand Quest. I created links to the Brave Frontier Wikia pages for the respective items in those sections. I do plan to make video clears for them but these ideas will have to be put on hold until I get the most recent content finished. I do plan to make video clears for the rift so those buttons will remain inactive since that will be next on my lists for content clears.

I also updated the unit lists to include units that were recently released and updated some information on some of the pages here and there.

Lastly I want to announce that the Brave Compendium's unit catalog will be an ongoing project. The committee and I plan to have unit reviews written and they will linked within the Unit Catalog section which is slowly getting a makeover.

A future plan I also have is to have an Advanced Squad Building Guide published to help people learn how to squad build in the End Game of Brave Frontier. End Game does have a different mindset and I do want to help make it easier but it can get confusing.

This is basically what I have plan for the website and personally I'm very excited!

Youtube Channel wise I am trying my best to keep up with unit releases, but alas that is not the case. Gumi releasing a unit every week is hard to keep up if I am caught up with other things in my life. So, I decided to skip Yggdrasil and Frigg and hold off making their "Is This Unit Good?" until I feel I have time to actually work on those two. For now, I will do Miriam and whoever is getting released this week. Its difficult

I am also planning another series to basically add more diversity to the channel. I did talk about doing other ideas like Let's Plays and etc. At the moment, I am planning another Brave Frontier related series. I am working out the kinks and feasibility. Hopefully I can get that going.

Anyways, I am preparing myself for the this week in terms of videos, updates, and more. Brave Valentines just started and of course I will doing the event and making the page for it on the site once its fully active. Thanks for reading guys, see you all next time!