Post Launch, Current Projects, and The Collab

Good Evening, Afternoon, and Morning (depending on your timezone).

Another Week has passed by and it is time for another Shira's Monologue where I talk about a few things I am working on and what is going on in Game.

The first item is the Compendium Post-Launch. The Site has been doing pretty well for a brand new website. After just 1 week, the site has been visited by 545 unique people which is amazing for me. Another awesome thing was the Mobile Browser Optimization which was completed in a span of a 1 day and it seems to be working out well. Of course as the site continues to grow and expand, there will be more optimization that will be needed to be done but that is expected for a website and the intention of the Compendium. It is to be a evolving medium.

The Elgaia Discord Server has been growing as well. New members are coming in and my server staff is slowly growing. The Feedback received there about the website has been great and will be continuing to help me grow the site and improve it.

During this week, I had an amazing opportunity to be featured in 2 Youtube videos featuring the website and the server. Shoutouts to Kaison and JchanDan for featuring me, the website and the server. Links are right here!

JchanDan reviewing the Server

My Interview with Kaison

Continuing with more awesome news regarding the website, there are some new features like the Current Events page, Unit Catalog, and Player's Voice!

Current Events: This page is not functional as of yet but when the next collab starts, the page will detail how to do the vortex event dungeons and an explanation of the events.

Unit Catalog: A Hub for Unit Reviews and featuring my youtube series: Is This Unit Good?

Player's Voice: A Hub for community written Editorials about the Game. Our first article features Recoome's "Why the Lore in Brave Frontier is Perfect"

I am overall excited to have new features ready to go and roll out. I can't wait to continue seeing more involvement in Player's Voice and "Is This Unit Good?"

Check out My First "Is This Unit Good?" featuring Peter!

Moving onto Current projects, I am currently working on the following:

1. Content Guides for the Uprising and Battles of Brave Frontier 2 Hard Dungeons

2. Noxa's "Is This Unit Good?" Video

This past weekend was crazy for me in terms of my RL job. It is difficult to find time to record and script write. However, I am trying my best to get these things done with the highest of quality.

Lastly, I want to talk quickly about the upcoming Collab. Our next Collab is with the anime, Samurai Champloo. The units themselves look cool and I am willing to summon based on art alone. Mugen and Jin look awesome and hopefully their kits are just as good. They will also be our first Fire & Water Synergy. It is pretty obvious they will have a DBB. If I can't do Noxa's video, I will put these two on priority considering they are very time limited. The Collab event looks pretty straight forward with unique vortex dungeons and login campaigns. I will go into more detail, in Current Events, once the collab comes closer as details may change or get updated.

Anyways, that is all for this week. I am looking forward into doing more work on the website during the next week into the Collab. Thank you everyone for your support!