Samurai Champloo and More!

Hello Everyone,

Another week and another Shira's Monologue. Today we will be going over Samurai Champloo, current projects, and new stuff. So let's dive right in.

So the collab is pretty generous and starting off well. The daily dungeons gives so much currency that just by doing the dailies alone will give you enough currency to buy out the bazaar. This is really generous, if I did the math correctly. For once Gumi is not being heavily stingy about event currency and "forcing" you to pull for the event units to get the bonuses to have enough. The Bazaar itself also has some good stuff like 50 rainbow crystals and a good supply of tomes. Though I wished there was more golems and tomes because Omni plusing and DBB bond raising is expensive. If you guys tuned into my test stream/summon stream then yes I did get Mugen and proceeded to get Noxa with 10 summons to spare for Jin. Yes, I'm a luckshitter, HAH.

Anyways, so some updates on projects. I am currently done with the Boss levels for the vortex dungeons for Uprising and BF2 Hard Mode. I will work on the other levels for those dungeons after I finish my Noxa video that I hope to release before Thanksgiving. I would also like to inform everyone that my awesome Committee is almost done with 2 projects they have been working on for a long time and I can't wait to see them ready to be released. So here is the list of current and upcoming projects.

1. Noxa - "Is this Unit Good?"

2. Content Guides for Vortex Dungeons: Uprising and BF2 remaining levels

3. Element Meta Information Guide

4. Item and Sphere Management Guide

Finally, I want to talk about my Twitch which is another new thing I will be doing. I was testing streaming and I did a summon sessions and a small Q&A. According to feedback from the Elgaia Federation server, it should be a regular thing. So, I am going to start streaming every week once a week when the new unit is released and I just talk about them and have a small Q&A. I will be doing a scheduled once a week stream called "Shira's Thoughts" where I talk about the new unit, new events, maybe summon, and have a Q&A. I might also randomly stream throughout the week doing random things like Dichroma Raids and more. I will be setting up a system where you guys can get information on when I am streaming or do a Weekly Prediction of what I am planning to do that week for streams. I like the idea of streaming so I hope everyone can enjoy it.

Anyways, that's all for this weekly monologue. I'll update everyone again next week!