Shira Talks - Brave Compendium 3.0 Update

Hello All,

I hope everyone has been healthy and safe during Covid-19 season. Anyways, I am very pleased to announce the Brave Compendium 3.0 update. There was a lot of changes and new things to add to the website over the last 2 week and you can see that in my update post here.

In this blog post, I want to talk about the changes and why I did them. The main reason for the upgrade was due to a lot of feedback from various sources.

Many players, visitors, and etc have felt that the website was too outdated and not informative enough. The pages that were brought up the most was Colosseum, Squad Building, and the former End Game page. The main critiques were that Colosseum was using only the 0BC method and that the page should be updated to include 100% mitigation. The Squad Building page was outdated in the sense that it was not attuned to the current game state and mentality of players. The End game page featuring "Recommended Units" was vague in terms of the categories units belonged to and it didn't highlight other aspects of those units. In addition to, odd and "misleading" placements of the units in certain categories.

Another critique I received was that the categorization of the content in the former Early, Mid, End game sections. The fact that it was "misleading" and it was not helping players actually progress and implied a false sense of accomplishment. There was also criticism regarding sections that had no guidance, aka no guides and video clears.

These were just some of the criticism I have received regarding the website over the past few weeks and I want to say that the criticism is not wrong but also it is a little misinformed as well.

I won't make a lot of excuses for myself because I should be more on top with my updates. However, I did state in previous blog posts that I work full time, 36-48 hours a week, and I had a very active lifestyle. This means that there is usually not a lot of time dedicated to the website. So, this means that information and etc will be outdated for a while but I always do plan to update it when I do have the time to sit down and do it.

I am also a person that likes to keep things simple and I do understand that sometimes being too simple is not good enough.

To address the misguidance of the former page categories, the former page categories was just to generally put the content in where I personally believe the content should be. It was never my intention to create false senses of accomplishments or misguidance. However, I do know that the difficulty of content is hard to gauge for some and many players have said that rifts and etc should be in mid-game and etc.

Now, I have removed those categories and replaced them with "PvE Content" and "PvP Content". I want to move Brave Compendium to be an information center rather than a guide. Due to the various different opinions regarding the difficulty of content, I don't want the website to feel that it should fully dictate that.

Another huge place of criticism was regarding the former Unit Recommendations in End Game. The simplicity was something not everyone was a fan of. The unit placements was also "misleading" according to some. After seeing many comments about where units should be placed and removed, I decided to fully rework the Unit Recommendations and removed the End Game label hanging over it.

Now, there are new categories and units are placed accordingly. You can see the new unit pages here!

Lastly, I updated Colosseum, Squad Building, RC7, and added quick guides to Frontier Rifts.

Of course, there is still a lot of needed updates like guides and video clears for some of the Vortex Trials and older content in "PvE Content". I will be finding ways to address this but as of now, I will be focusing on newer content released in the Game.

To finish off talking about the updates to the website, I will like to remind everyone that I do try to improve based on feedback and etc. #CompendiumFeedback in the Elgaia Federation Discord Server has been a great tool in helping me identify places I have missed so I will continue to work from that as well as appreciate feedback.

Now to end this blog post with some other news. I am going to start my heavily delayed project which is the Unit Catalog. Expect the first postings by next week. I am also starting Youtube back again sometime in June. I will be editing and posting the Frontier Rift Video Clears as soon as I can. I have them recorded already.

Anyways, thank you all for your time and I'll see you for the next one!