Shira Talks - July Updates

Hello Everyone,

I want to update everyone on my extended hiatus from just online stuff. It just happened and I didn't really plan or announce it but I think my mind wanted to take a step back and re-evaluate what I am doing in the online content creation space. Youtube and my website.

I have decided to basically "Retire" from Gacha games. I am not making any dramatic good bye as many players have done in the community but I am in a very peculiar case considering the Brave Compendium website. I am not going to retire in the traditional sense because I still have work to do for the website and my initial goal of creating another information source for Brave Frontier. As more players leave, newer players join and I want to continue providing assistance to the BF community in my own way.

Tomorrow I plan to archive Non-Global Content since the current powercreep of Brave Frontier makes content that came from JP very trival to provide a lot of information for. A lot of the content can be easily done with today's units and the key/gimmick to beat a lot of the older content with like 1-2 sentences rather then a full out guide. So this means the follow will be archived

Grand Gaia Chronicles


Strategy Zones (Including the 2 Global Strategy Zones)

Non-Global Exclusive Grand Quests

I think this will alleviate the amount of backtracking I would have to do and will put my mind at ease knowing that I do not need to go that far back in BF's history to do content that can be easily done without much thought. The Brave Frontier Wiki should be more than enough for JP content.

The Grand Quest Page will be remade to accompany Global only and I will be more comfortable to start making guides for the Global GQs.

So, What does this mean for YouTube content like "Is This Unit Good?". I have been putting it off for so long and I know people do like it but, at this time, I am not really motivated to do more "Is This Unit Good". I might bring it back every now and then. For now, the series will be shelved. I am planning to do fresh content that I have been wanting to do for a while.

I am currently planning my first Let's Play, Magic The Gathering related videos (yes, I am a Magic the Gathering player and I recently have a rekindled passion).

What really helped me actually start the planning was moving all Brave Compendium related videos to their own channel and creating a blank canvas on my main channel. I hope this helps me get the motivation to do Youtube content that I want to do rather feeling obligated to do.

Another update I want to start doing is adding additional Wix App and another option to support besides Patreon. I noticed a few users joining and using the Wix app to connect with me. I havent thought about much about the Wix App but I think I want to start finding ways to integrate. I will also be starting another support option besides Patreon because I think Patreon is not as flexible for what I am doing. I will have more updates on these as I work on them.

Closing off this post, I just want to make sure you guys are up to date with what is going on in my mind and maybe enjoy what I am going to be putting out.

Thanks guys and Happy 4th of July for those in the USA. For everyone else, I hope you all have a wonderful day!