The Compendium is Springing Forward!

Hello everyone

Time for my monthly update regarding the Compendium, my other platforms, and more. We are going to touching on what is going to happen in the next few weeks regarding content for the site and my other platforms. There are going to be a lot of changes and I will actually have time to do it all considering Covid-19 has altered my daily routine and etc. Don't worry, I am not going into the massive details of the virus, just how I am reacting to it, how it is affecting what I do, and a small reminder for everyone. Anyways, let's get to it.

The Brave Compendium Updates

Starting today and going forward, a lot of my resources and time will be on filling up the website with content that it is supposed to have. The biggest project right now is the Unit Catalog project. The Unit Catalog is a collection of detailed analysis of all available units in the game. Each analysis will be reviewed by knowledgeable players to ensure clarity, accuracy of information, and professionalism. Keep in mind that the catalog will not always be up to date according to newly released units because we are ensuring quality. The committee and I will try our best to put newer units first but we ask to have the time needed to fully flesh out the unit and ensure we analyze properly.

The next step is filling up content clear guides for Rifts, Strategy Zones, Trials and more. I am working with one of my committee members to expedite this aspect. Ideally, I wanted to release the compendium with all of these guides already implemented but I wanted players to start utilizing the information I had ready and work on the content guides as I go. Starting today, content guides are in the works and those missing links will be working by original design in the the coming weeks.

Due to feedback I received a long time regarding the End Game Unit Recommendations and the Colosseum page, I am going to revamp these sections to be more current and reflective of the meta in the game. As some of you may have noticed, the End Game Unit Recommendations have been changed to remove the Geodes and older/less recognized units. Please continue to provide feedback regarding the unit recommendations since I know I am not a complete expert of the end game and what everyone is doing.

The Colosseum page will be getting a complete revamp to talk about each class and unique metas that exist in those classes. I will also be talking about the many strategies and squad setups that exist in those classes as well. This will take time and research so the revamp won't be happening anytime soon. Rest Assured that a revamp is on its way and I hope people will find the information useful upon release.

Over the next few week, the Compendium will be getting a lot of attention and TLC. The site has been also getting more popular so I am excited to put more focus on the site to have it continue growing in a positive direction

YouTube Updates

YouTube videos have been fun to work on. Especially, my latest video being a collaboration with Fafnir of Two Fools. We did a "Is This Unit Good?" for Evie and it was a blast working with him. Check it out here! However, since I am working on the website more, I won't have time to work on "Is This Unit Good?" videos. So, the series will be taking another hiatus. I plan to work on them again once I find that the website is in good standings to be left alone for a while outside from the usual small updates.

Future plans wise, "Is This Unit Good?" will return but I do have another series in the works that I will be planning to start working on. So, in the future, I will have 2 ongoing series for YouTube but for now, "Is This Unit Good?" will be taking another hiatus so I can work on creating content for the Compendium.

My Covid-19 situation

Let me just preface by saying that I am not a doctor nor a medical professional so I do not know everything about the corona virus (Covid-19). So please, do not take advice from me as facts. Please speak with your doctor or trusted medical professional.

Anyways, so currently in my area there are curfews for businesses, gyms, and other social facilities are closed indefinitely until it is deemed safe to reopen. Everyone has also been practicing Social Distancing very strictly. For me, since I don't have access to these facilities and can't really hang out with my friends in person, my daily routine/life has been altered. I actually have more free time now so I am utilizing this free time to work on the website and etc. Personally, I am trying to be optimistic about the situation and hope things will return to normal soon. I am also using the extra free time to catch up on video games and things that I usually don't have time to do. Overall, I am trying my best to turn the situation from mostly a negative into a positive. I suggest that you do the same as well.

My tips/reminders/advice for dealing with the Covid-19 situation:

1. Wash your hands (very important and I know you know this but always remember!)

2. Stay Distracted (Do things that you usually would never have time to do)

3. Home Exercising (Staying active will help your body stay strong)

4. Self-Care (Hygiene, eating healthy food, increase vitamin C intake, will overall strengthen your immune system to combat diseases and illnesses better)

5. Mental Health Care (High levels of anxiety, stress, etc will not do your body good. Relax, meditate, and remind yourself that things are going to okay.)

6. Stay Connected Online (Utilize social media, communication platforms and other online tools to help you stay connected with friends and family so you know you are never alone in this situation.)

7. If you know you are sick, please seek medical attention and don't be around too many people.

This is all I have to say about the Covid-19 situation, it sucks but let's try to make the best out of it.

That's all for my March update. It is going to be rough in terms of Covid-19 but I do want to utilize the positives out of it to my advantage. See everyone in my April update!