Raid Class 7

Raid Class 7 is a Global Exclusive Raid Class. It is heavily focused on mono-element teams however there are some exceptions for mixed element squads depending on the mission.

In order to unlock Raid Class 7, you have to complete all 6 promotional missions in Raid Class 6. One for each element. You are not restricted to using the stronger element for these missions but it does help.


After promotions, you are now able to do the Raid Class 7 missions. One thing to note that the missions rotate on a daily basis. The schedule is as follows:

Raid Class 7 is home to many of the best spheres and they are upgraded from the Raid Class 6 spheres except the Global RC6 spheres.


Spheres are as follows: Hachiman Song, Providence, Resolute Carapace, Beiorg’s Armor MK V, Thousand Mimics, Primal Desire, Seventy-Two Forms, and Divine Master Gate


These sphere are by far the best craftable spheres you can make in the game. Best of all they can get better.

Dichroma Chaos is a special Raid Class 7 Mission allowing you and your fellow raiders to use Light and Dark units to take on the boss, Dichroma Wrath. Wrath is a formible foe and it can be solo'd but it requires some RNG and high end spheres along with a well-formed squad. It is recommended to do this raid as a team of 4 raiders and use Mono Light for 3 of those raiders and Mono Dark for 1. However, you can communitcate with your raid room to see if other combinations can work. Mixed Light/Dark squads can work but take caution if you are going this route.

Main Reward is Whispering Shards which are used to upgrade RC7 spheres to their final form. You will also get Dichroma Tokens for the respective Bazaar shop for additional rewards. The amount of token you receive is based on how many Remnants you beat prior to killing Wrath.

DBBs with DoT purge are helpful for those running Light units to avoid Black Death, a powerful DoT Attack. DBBs with Evasion will also help your team's overall survivability.

If you are running Dark units, I recommend using the Miasma synergy (Dark+Water) to reduce the healing from Rapid Healing.

Nova synergy is also very helpful to prevent your spheres, leader skills, and extra skills from being sealed.

Another special Raid is Dichroma Mayhem which is focus on Fire and Water. This is basically Chaos but for Fire and Water. Rewards are the same.

DBB Recomendations are similar to Chaos. If you have a UBB with Evasion that would be very helpful. 

Syngeries I recommend:

Amnesia, Pyre, Miasma, and Nova.

I mentioned before that you can upgrade the Raid Class 7 spheres even further. A reward to note to exchange for is the Whispering Shards. You can use these to upgrade the Raid Class 7 spheres to their final form.


Hachiman Song > Victory Chant 

Providence > Lament of Dread

Resolute Carapace > Resolute Silence

Beiorg’s Armor MK V > Thrilling Harmony

Thousand Mimics > Requiem of Regret

Primal Desire > Fleeting Ballad

Seventy-Two Forms > Formless Chroma


The final forms of these spheres are considered to be the best in the game for farmable spheres.

Tip: To maximize your drops in RC7 missions except Dichroma, I recommend taking out the Arms before the main body. A lot of the drops are in the arms and you have to beat them to get the drops. So, make sure you kill everything else before the body to get the most drops.

The main reward for regular RC7 missions is Orebi Shards. Orebi Shards can be used to exchange at the Event Bazaar in Town. You can get a variety of items ranging from fusion material, Omni Plus materials, and Golems for bond boosting.

Additional Rewards includes drops as follows:

  1. Orebi Emberstones, Inferno Omphalos

  2. Orebi Cryostones, Blizzard Omphalos

  3. Orebi Galestones, Gaia Omphalos

  4. Orebi Sparkstones, Storm Omphalos

  5. Orebi Gleamstones, Dawn Omphalos

  6. Orebi Gloomstones, Dusk Omphalos

  7. Cloudweaves

  8. Ashes of Orebus

These can be used to Craft the RC7 Spheres. Most spheres are in the Town's sphere house. Some will be Randall's sphere house.

The Base of the RC7 Spheres are the RC6 Spheres. Learn more about RC6 here!