Special Thanks!

The Compendium is a dream come true for me and I have many people to thank for helping me make this site to what it is and what it can be for the future!

Thank you Linathan!

I want to say thank you to Linathan for providing me a work-space in the LinaLabs for my first, and discontinued, project, The BF Tier List. Then, continual support for the Compendium. I always admire how hard Lina works on the Wiki and that was one of my inspirations to start writing a Beginner's Guide to now running my own website to provide information to the Brave Frontier Community. Once again, thank you for your support and hard work!

Thank you Rocketman!

Thank you to my College best friend and now the Compendium's Graphic Designer, Rocketman. It was awesome that you accepted the task of creating the Compendium's Logo and I love how it turned out. Thank you for not only being an amazing person that I knew from college but also as a direct collaborator. I can't wait to see the future works you have in store for the website going forward!

If anyone would like to commission from Rocketman, send him a message on Discord!

Discord Tag: Rocketman#4280

Thank you Two Fools!

Thank you to Recoome and Fafnir of Two Fools for not only helping me during the building stages of the Compendium but also allowing me to debut it on your podcast! I became a quick fan of your work and I love tuning in to your podcasts every time they are up. You two have been amazing support ever since the discontinued BF Tier List project days and now I can't wait for a new future with the Compendium.

If anyone wants to tune into the Two Fools Podcast here is the link to their Youtube channel and Twitch!

Youtube    Twitch

Thank you to my sister, manager of Goldlaine, for providing me moral support throughout the development of my website. Everyone needs someone to listen to their ideas and ambitions and my sister was that person. Thanks for pushing me and providing the support I needed to continue forward.

If anyone would like to support my sister and maybe commission from her, she is also an artist, then hit her up on her social media on her website!

Click Here!

Thank you Goldlaine

Thank you to My Patron(s) from Patreon!

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