What is Summoner's Arc?

Summoner Arc is known as the Third Arc of the storyline of Brave Frontier. This Arc is special because it is an entirely new game mode as well. Once you complete Ishgria, you will have your own Avatar known as Summoner. This is basically you. However you are very weak when you start this new Arc. Basically all of your summoning powers have been weakened and you can’t summon your Omni units normally, due to Plot. You are forced to fight with your own power as well as using lower rarity units. 


In order to progress, you have to train yourself to get stronger. How do you do this? The way to get stronger by doing the following:

  1. Progress through the storyline to unlock all of your unit pedestals

  2. Level up your Summoning Arts to use your stronger units

  3. Obtain stronger weapons and Level those up

  4. Level up your Parameters, which are your own stats

  5. Make your LS spheres


Summoner Arc is tough only because it feels like you hit the restart button and you are at ground zero again. However, the best way to go about it is just level up your summoning arts.


Summoning Arts are split by element each with their own level and abilities. The best way to make Summoner Arc a breeze without resorting to using or summoning lower rarity units is to level your best element. Once you have your main element at a high level or max. Summoner Arc will become a lot easier. The way you level Summoning Art is to select it and be that element and use it in battle. An easy way to do this is to use The Lab and use the appropriate training level. Lab entry cost STP (Summoner Training Points) you get these from using Summoner Friends.


Weapons play a smaller role. You only need to use the Spear weapon for most of the early levels. You will get more weapons but it is pretty much use what is needed based on what you are doing. However, once you maxed out your best element, the weapon won’t matter much. The same can be said about your parameters.


Your Avatar can have an LS, you make these LS spheres like regular spheres, crafting. You can make LS spheres in Town in the blue house. You unlock more recipes to stronger LS spheres as you progress and clear EX missions.


Summoner Arc is an extension of Quest so clear a Level to get 1 gem.