Summoning is an important of the game and it can be intimating. But, let's make it simple.

Some facts to know:

  • Every 1-2 weeks, there will be a new featured unit.

  • Due to many changes of the summon pool and the game, there is no "bad" start.

  • You do not need to summon every new featured unit.

  • If you are unsure how good a unit is? Check out the Guide by Recoome, one of the creators from Two Fools, at the bottom of the page.

Brave Frontier has many opportunities where you do not need to summon for every new unit. It is important to stay informed and know what you need and learn how to work with what you got.

The Current Summon Pool

Always Consider

  • Collaborations

  • Vortex Arena

  • Seasonal & Holidays

Maybe Consider

  • Resummon Gates (Examples Listed Below)

    • Vortex Arena​

    • Rift

    • World

    • Elemental

  • Elemental Summons​

  • Unit Specific Gates

    • Certain Units with Rate ups​

    • Dual Brave Burst Units

  • Discounted Gates

  • Premium Summons

  • Global/World Featured


  • Legacy Summons

Always Consider - These are gates that you should always consider summoning on. These gates tend to have more value and better featured units than other gates.

  • Collaboration - These gates are featuring units from another franchise that Brave Frontier is collaborating with. Examples are: "Samurai Champloo", "Tokyo Ghoul", "My Hero Academia", and "King of Fighters". These units are also Limited Editions, meaning that they will only be in the Summoning Pool for a limited time. After the duration of the event, they will leave the pool. Collabs can re-run but it is unknown when.

  • Vortex Arena - Vortex Arena, also known as VA, click here for more information. VA units are usually very powerful in either supporting to dealing a lot of damage. The value of these gates is that there is a pseudo-safety net at 30 Summons and previous seasons' featured units are in the pools.

  • Seasonal & Holiday - During the seasons and certain holidays, there will be units released for those occasions. These units will eventually be moved into the main pool but it will take a while after release.

Maybe Consider - These gates are sometimes good to summon from and the value is based on personal preference. Most of them are in the "Special Summon" section of the "Summon" menu


  • Resummons - These gates give you a choice to re-summon a certain number of units to get potentially new ones. This is a decent budget gate since you are potentially getting more summons for a certain amount. An example is spend 10 gems/2 summon tickets and you summon 2 units and you have a choice to re-summon 1. Basically, you have 3 summons for the price of 2. Depending on what is being featured, it is not a bad deal. 

  • Elemental - These gates are where you get to summon units of a certain element. Due to the Mono Element Meta in the late game, this gate can be beneficial to you. Like Resummons, depending on what is being featured and in the pool will determine how valuable these gates are to you as a player.

  • Unit Specific Gates - This category of gates encompasses gates that have specific units having higher rates based on a certain theme. An example is an old gate called  "Triple Strike" where it featured 3 units having 3 attacks on their Super Brave Burst. Their value will vary based on your personal preference

  • Discounted - This category of gates has gates with a lower number of gems required for 1 summon. Usually for the first 3 summons daily, or other variances, the gate will be using the discount. Value will vary based on your personal preference on the featured units.​​

  • Premium Summons - These gates are where you use a certain amount of money to summon on. Depending on the gate, the pool for these are restricted to the units featured but it can vary. Since you can't use summon tickets or gems on these, it's an option that is restricted for player willing to gamble on a more "favorable" pool. If you are considering summon on these gates please make sure you go through how the gate works in their respective news post and see if the money spent on 1 summon is worth it to you. 

  • Global Features - Due to the end of Brave Frontier (JP), any new units released are Global Units made by Gumi. Global Features have many different sub-categories as listed above. These units vary in power level compared to more elusive units. These units will enter the main pool a week after of their release.

  • World Summon - These are units that are imported from the European Version of Brave Frontier. The server is closed so Global is putting the units into the Global client. Their power is mixed because of the meta differences between EU and Global. If you find them useful, then summon for them. These units will also enter the main pool some time after their release.

DO NOT TOUCH - These gates are ones no one should be touching as they have 0 value.

  • Legacy Summons - These are units have been out-scaled in all ways. 

A question that is coming to your head right now is “What units do I need?” Check out the Squad Building Guide for what you should be looking for!

TIP: Always look up a unit’s full skill set on the Brave Frontier wiki as in-game only the brave burst skill effects will be displayed initially and not the entire skill set.

Recommended Units to Start with are: Mitigators & EXP leaders (Units that have an EXP boost in the LS)


Examples: Annette (Mitigator), Bjorn & Linlin (EXP leader), Vail & Vidron (Mitigator)



When you are summoning units here are some General Rules of Thumb:


  1. Keep at least 1 of everything especially if you are not summoning a lot

  2. Merit any duplicates except for the following:

    1. Collab units 

    2. Vortex Arena features

    3. Global Features

    4. Seasonal/Holiday units

    5. EU Imports

  3. Self Control!!!

Still Wondering Which Units are still good? Check out this Guide written by Two Fool's Recoome explaining how to determine a unit's worth! CLICK HERE!