The References of the Frontier

What’s up everyone, I’m Skit and an officer of the Elgaia Federation. Today I’m going to be discussing one thing that many of you may have noticed in the game, but are very subtle to our eyes. That is the hidden references to other various concepts such as pop culture and anime. In other games you’ve probably seen a hidden Dragon Ball reference here or there, and that’s always a way to appeal to players. Brave has a couple notable ones that I’ll share and discuss with you today. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

1. Dragon Ball Z


As I’ve mentioned, most games/shows have had some Dragon Ball reference in them. Such as having a super saiyan aura or quoting something very similar from the show. One of our favorite Eneroth girls, Ezra, has a reference to this in her fusion quote. “What does the page say about my power level? It’s… not over 9000!? That cannot be… my life is a lie!!!” Her quote is a direct reference to Dragon Ball Z where Vegeta says “It’s over 9000!” as referring to Goku’s power level when they confront each other.

2. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure


Going off of Ezra, her summon quote is a reference to part 1 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (Phantom Blood). “You thought it would be some other kitty… But it was me, Ezra! Seriously, don’t tell Uncle Allan I’m here… he’ll kill me if he finds out!” This is similar to a quote from Dio Brando, and you can probably find it floating around on YouTube. Another reference to Jojo can be found in one of our little extra skill helpers, the elgifs. In frontier hunter when you get to rank 160, you’ll receive “The World,” an elgif used for reducing turn skip and boosting crit damage. However the name of the elgif itself is a reference to part 3 of JJBA (Stardust Crusaders). Dio uses a move called Za Warudo which stops time entirely. Za Warudo is a direct translation to The World. This move stops time, so it’s similar to how the elgif reduces turn skip debuffs.

3. Rick Astley


This is honestly one of the funniest references I’ve ever seen in a game. Rick Astley is a famous music artist who pretty much invented what we call ‘rickrolling’ in 2019. This comes in many forms such as hyperlinks and video transitions. Finding a reference like this in Brave seems very out of place, but who would be better to give this to none other than our hoodie boy Allanon after evolving to omni. “I swear I'll never give you up, never let you down… I'd like to say I'll never make you cry, or say goodbye… But that would be a lie and just hurt you.” Keep in mind that the song that inspired this came out in 1987, but its evolution into a meme that we know today has gone beyond that and entered our games. It’s a nice thing to see Gumi incorporating references not tied to other pop and anime.

4. Pokemon


As we’re getting closer to the end, this reference is somewhat difficult to find, especially if you don’t like putting 130SP on your units. You’ve probably guessed it, but there is a Pokemon reference in the evolution quote of our little thicc friends, the Omni Emperor. “Croooak Summoner, I choose you! Oh, is that the wrong thing to say?.” Specifically the “I choose you!” part, this has been seen in almost every Pokemon episode through our 10-year old mystery Ash Ketchum. Ash has always been known to say “I choose you!” whenever he sends out a Pokemon, and It’s always good to see a Pokemon reference in Brave

5. Ten Thousand Stars


Concluding the references is one from a collab. We’ve had many collabs before, ranging from King of Fighters, My Hero Academia, and now Samurai Champloo. Other collabs have been introduced too such as the Hatsune Miku/Vocaloid collabs, and this one features a nice reference to a song. One of the older Miku units, Mankai Sakura Miku, has a fusion quote referencing Circus-P’s Ten Thousand Stars. “Take me up where I can feel the zero gravity. Come on, come and be free!” In Ten Thousand Stars, these exact lyrics are said and I find that to be really creative on Gumi’s part. This song was intended to be a Hatsune Miku song, and having it exactly quoted in Brave is amazing.

I hope you all enjoyed these references. I think it’s really creative for games to include references like these, and Brave really brings out the variety of references that can be put in a game. If you want to connect with me, my discord is HighOnSkittles#3398 and I can be found in the Elgaia Federation and the Brave Network. Farewell until next time!

Written by Skit - Published on 11/21/19