Tips & Tricks

  • For farming Super Karma Dungeon all you need is an EXP lead (Shion, Roglizer, Omni Tilith, etc) and 4 Mifunes. This ensures a very fast clear. You can make the Mifunes have good bb regeneration so they just use their BB/SBB or boost the power of their normal attacks so they can do high damage. The same method can be used for the parades to maximize your number of runs while on the 30min time limit. A Variation is using 1 Mifune with Daltisk Phenomenon and Sacrilege Orb

  • Running Low on Frogs for SP? Use fodder units (the ones drop from Quest) to get your SP instead. Only drawback is that it does take time and it is RNG. Best place to grind is any level from Mistral like "Start of Adventure"

  • Don't have frogs for Brave Burst levels. Use fodder instead! Make sure when you are about to select the fodder for fusion they have the phrase "bblvl?" blinking. This means that this fodder is able to raise the unit's Brave Burst

Tips & Tricks will always be updated now and then. So the list will always grow!