Unit Composition

Unit are comprised of many aspects. This page will go over each aspect and what each means

Level - The current level of your units. You need to be at max level to evolve into the next rarity stage if there is one. You can raise a unit’s level by fusing any units but the best way is to fuse Crystal Gods, a unit that grants a lot of exp when fused. You can also use the lower variants like Metal Gods, Metal Kings, and Ghosts.

Stats - The numerical aspects of a unit, also known as Parameters. These numbers are used to calculate a variety of things like how well you deal and take damage as well as gauge how much life your unit has left. The list is as follows:

HP - Hit Point or Health Points (The unit’s life, once it hits 0, it's dead)

ATK - Attack (factors into damage output)

DEF - Defense (factors into taking damage)

REC - Recovery (factors into how well the unit receive healing effects and/or perform healing)

Stats increase upon leveling up the unit and maxed when the unit is done leveling at that rarity. You can increase the stats further by using Imps.

  • Vigor Imp Molin boost HP 

  • Power Imp Pakpak boost ATK

  • Guard Imp Ganju boost DEF

  • Healing Imp Fwahl boost REC 

  • Almighty Imp Arton boost All

All units have their own cap on how much of each stat can be increased by.

Cost: The amount of cost needed to use this unit in a squad.

To check your squad cost, go to “Unit” then “Manage Squad”. You will see a squad cost in the middle of the screen.


Fire    Water    Earth    Thunder    Light    Dark

Affinities are as follows by this chart.

Rarity: 1 star to Omni      (also 8 star if you want to follow it numerically). You move to the next rarity by evolving

Types - Typing affects stat growth. Depending on your type will have a different effect on how your stats will change on the unit.

Lord - Basic, No Stat Bonuses or Negatives

Anima - More HP, Less REC

Breaker - More ATK, Less DEF

Guardian - More DEF, Less REC

Oracle - More REC, Less DEF

Rex - All Stats (Only Obtainable by fusing a Mystery Frog)

There are Stat Bonuses when you hit a certain Omni+ levels. Read about it here!

Brave Burst/Super Brave Burst

Your Unit’s attack skill. Swipe up for the Brave Burst (BB), Swipe right for the Super Brave Burst (if available). You can use the unit’s skill when you have enough brave crystals going to your unit(s). You unlock your SBB when the unit has BB level 10 and the unit is of rarity 6 or higher. To raise Brave burst levels, you fuse any compatible units which can raise the bb level at a chance. The best way is to use Burst Frogs (1 point), Emperors (5 points), or Queens (20; Max). These frogs are guaranteed brave burst levels.

Ultimate Brave Burst

This skill uses the Overdrive (OD) gauge and when it’s full you can activate a 7 star or Omni unit’s Ultimate Brave burst but you also need to fill the Ultimate Brave Burst (UBB) gauge as well for that unit. You get a unit’s UBB when SBB is level 10. There are no additional levels to UBB.

TIP: Keep in mind that brave burst levels half upon evolving



This is a list of skills and power ups you can give to your unit by using SP (Either called Skill or Special Points). You unlock the enhancement list if the unit is omni, max level, and has their ubb. The list has things you can add to your unit’s bb/sbb/ubb to adding more stats and damage passives. You start at 10/100 SP. You get more SP by fusing any random unit(s) for points at a chance. You get 5 points for a duplicate guaranteed but this is not efficient usually (especially for 

Summon Gate units). The best way is to use Frogs (Brave Burst Frog = 1, Brave Emperors = 5, Burst Queens = 20, Omni Frogs = 30).

TIP: If you need a build for your units, go to the Brave Frontier Wiki, search your unit, and click on the button that leads to their Recommended SP Builds Page.