Unit Recommendations

This category contains Unit Recommendations within each element. It is tough to know which knows are worth the time and resources to invest in. These lists has units that, in my opinion, are worth raising. However, I would like to help you understand how to read the unit lists. The way I organized units is by role. These Roles are not official terminology by Gumi/Brave Frontier. However, the terms I am using might help you understand units in a broader sense.

  • Lead - Units with leader skills that help the squad do exceptional damage and/or survive better

  • Mitigator - Units with the buff "Reduce Damage Taken by 50%" for a defined number of turns. This buff needs to be present in either the BB/SBB or Both

  • Nuker: Triple Striker - Units with 3 total attacks in their BB/SBB from Innate BB/SBB + Extra Skill + Enhancements 

  • Nuker: Double Striker - Units with 2 total attacks in their BB/SBB from Innate BB/SBB + Extra Skill + Enhancements

  • Support: Offensive - Units with primarily offensive based buffs to enhance damage output for the squad

  • Support: Defensive/Utility - Units with primarily defensive and utility based buffs to enhance survivability and resiliency of the squad.

  • Recaster: Units with the buff "Chance to do BB/SBB/UBB twice". However, the buff must be innate or from enhancements, is at least 80% chance rate, and is a party wide buff.

  • Extra Action: Units with the buff "Chance to do 1 (or 2) Extra Action(s) in the same turn". However, the buff must be innate, from enhancements, and is a party wide buff 

Additional Information regarding the Unit Recommendation Lists

  • Units are organized by their Unit Number (Descending Order (Highest to Lowest), or in other words, Most Recent to Least Recent)

  • Position of units does not determine if a unit is better than the ones before it.

  • These Lists are not "Tier Lists"

  • Unit Recommendations are Updated in 2 ways, Regular and Review.

    • Regular - Whenever a new Unit is added, the unit will be analyzed to see what roles they encompass and then are placed in the list ‚Äčif deem fit to be placed.

    • Review - Lists are reviewed on a 2-4 week cycle to see if the current units still hold up after their release. If the unit has been determined to be too outdated or hold no relevancy to the current game's power-creep, then those units will be removed during the Review Update cycle.

  • Unit Recommendations are based on my opinion, feel free to discuss in the Elgaia Federation discord server in #CompendiumFeedback regarding units on these lists.

  • If you don't see your favorite unit on the lists, it doesn't mean that the unit is completely useless.